TiltMeter App Reviews

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Really good app. Easy to install and use.

Nice and handy Tool :)

A Must Have in everybodys Toolbox.

Very nice!

With no reviews yet I was a little worried, but this is perfect! Im very impressed and you will be too. Very cool interface and incredibly accurate and smooth.


Checked this against a known, calibrated aerospace digital inclinometer - surprising accurate to the tenth. Well done app.

Cool Apps

The best one so far, it does it all.

Does exactly what it says it should.

I use it as a level. While I dont think it would replace a level if you were a professional, to make sure a shelf is level or a picture is level, it works exactly as it should. 99 cents for this as compared to whatever levels cost...

Ver. 3.0 not stable

Since ive upgrade to version 3.0, it crashes every time I do a calibration. Need a bug fix rapidly!

No calibration???

The app seems to work fine but it is out 2 degrees. The app page says you should calibrate it, but doesnt say how, no where. After lots of trying this and trying that I gave up and decided to email the app source as per his offer "if you have trouble calibrating... just email me" But there is no email for him- no where. Not even on his web site. So, no cigar.

Simply the best

Tried and reviewed some other similar app but always come back to this one. Once calibrated, works very efficiently - transtion in 2 planes is a great feature


So far so good! Really cool for lining up satellite dishes.

Good on iPhone. iPad?

I like this for my iPhone. Will it be adapted to being an iPad native application?

Great app

Very accurate. Always handy when you need a level.


Good for levelling the RV!


Not happy. Does not do as advertised. Cannot get in to setting or anything else. Using IOS 8.1.1

Nothing works except main display

I had the free version and none of the buttons work: settings etc. so I bought the pro version - and sane thing. The bubble level works fine but nothing else. Annoying, and a waste of money.

Doesnt work

iOS 9.2 All of the features or buttons are greyed out an agreement inactive.

Needs update

Was my favourite level for the last couple of years. Worked great until recently when it stopped working. Maybe iOS 9 issue?

Tiltmeter not working

Only does partial functions as advertised. All settings, some features and some functions greyed out. Not worth it.


This is the bes app for Engineering

Buon prodotto

Utile ed efficace

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