TiltMeter App revisa

Long-time fan!

I have been using this app for most of the last decade and am so pleased to see it won't become obsolete with iOS 11. The app is nothing fancy but has always delivered on exactly what it promised, and has been a mainstay on every iPhone I've ever owned. Thanks do the update!

Well done

This app works just like advertised. Very well done. Update: Now whenever I open the app I get a big square the covers about 1/3 of the screen beginning in the top left corner. It appears to be some kind of message box, but it contains nothing and I can't get it to go away. Also with this box on the screen I can't access the calibration or any of the other buttons at the bottom of the screen. Perhaps the developers will read this and either tell me how to get rid of this box, or fix the app so it doesn't appear.

DO NOT BUY; no longer works

At one time was a great app but is no longer supported. A dialog box stays permanently onscreen when you try to use it, partially obscuring the display, and none of the menus are accessible.

Not working properly

Large white square on display and functionality limited. Needs robbery updated.


As stated in many reviews, big white box in upper corner, won't go away, interface does not respond. No way to report probs, communicate with developers or get a refund. I should have paid more attention to the more recent reviews. Money down the drain. Deleted.


This is a rip off...I paid for it...downloaded it...and there is a large white rectangle blocking a large part of the screen and none of the features work...going to the developer site is a blank scree with the name at the top...no way to report the problem...advice comes up when first opened that the app needs to be updated to work with current OS...WHY DOES APPLE ALLOW THIS TO BE SOLD IN ITS STORE IF IT CANNOT WORK!!!

Big white window

Bough the app, it has a big white blank window that covers up most of the screen. Went to the developers website and nothing there but a title page. How about a refund.


Paid for the app opened it up and it'll give me angles but I can't use any of the settings or options it's just kind of frozen on the angel screen.

Not Compatable with IOS 10.2

Needs an update to run on IOS10. App launches, phones shows a warning that this app will slow the phone down and needs to be updated, there is also a white box in the upper left corner that won't go away blocking part of the meter. None of the buttons work, can't get to settings because of the white box blocking the button. Looks nice, if only it worked, wish I could get a refund...

TiltMeter App

Great idea but useless app on my iPhone 6, iOS 10. White box obscures 25% of screen and no features work. Waste of $. Too bad.

Same problem as free version

Had issues with the free version so I said, "what the heck, I'll buy the full version". Now I've wasted memory space, time and money on this. Both versions have a large white box that covers 1/3 of the screen causing none of the functions to work and makes the inclinometer un-viewable.

No buttons lame

No buttons, so no lock, calibrate or various functions work.


Not once. Loaded twice. Never could get it to work. Just a blank screen with logo at bottom. DON'T BUY !!!!

Please fix!!

POS app. Will not open at all. Totally worthless. Remove from the store if you are not going to fix it!!

Needs to be updated ASAP!!!!

Just bought the app on my iPhone 5 using iOS 9.3.1 and the buttons do not work on the bottom. Please update the app!!!!

Tiltmeter does not work

App is not working properly. Does not allow any interaction with the application. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still does not work.

Don't bother

Purchased and it does not work, period

Works well, but not with iPhone 4S!

The bottom bar of the screen is below the screen edge, and you can hardly see the icons! Need to make it work with legacy products too!

Won't work with IOS 9.2.1

I've used both the free and advanced version of this app for several years and really like it. However, I just got a new iPhone with iOS 9.2.1 and none of the buttons work anymore. Previous reviews indicate other users have been having the same problem since about iOS 8. PLEASE UPGRADE IT!

Can't use any features

Just got this, even rebooted ( is this Windows?) and none of the features work. Buttons do nothing, can't access a thing. What did I get for my money? So far, nothing. Went to app support, just like someone else said, 5 words no link or contact info???? Disappointed!

6s plus crash.

I used to use this app all the time on my 5s but it won't even open on my new 6s plus. Tried reinstalling a couple times but nothing has worked yet.

Buttons don't work

Downloaded the free app and bought the app. Both app buttons do not work. You ant record or do anything. All the reviews say the same thing...,so fix it!

No app

Tried to get free app, when it didn't work I purchased the app. Neither downloaded. I have recent Apple IOS update so that may be the reason I did not get the product. I want my money back. I am a Physical. Therapist and just learned this was a great app, but not if it's not compatible with IOS updates.

The app does not open

I downloaded this paid app and it does not even open.. The developers website also does not seem to work... I feel like I was swindled

Doesn't work

No buttons work when I open the app.

Won't respond

I can't get this app to respond to any buttons on the control panel. I want my money back!!

App no longer works

Hi, I've deleted and reinstalled plus I have the latest os. I can't reach support. Can you guys explain or help me?

It works but…

Bought the free version, worked fine. Decided to buy the pro version, but it works just like the free version. Wasted two dollars. The app support link simply takes you to a page with the developers name on it. Hope they get it fixed.

Only main level works. other 8 features on paid app for iphone 6 do not.

I tried the free version, while limited it looked good so I bought the paid app tilt meter for 1.99. Very disappointed - only the green dial shows. You can not change colors or click settings or use any other features. Let's hear from the developer- where's the fix for iphone 6 and iTunes

Waste of time and money

This app doesn't work at all. None of the features work. Do not waste your time or money. I wish I could get my money back....

Does not work

Based on other reviews this must be an ongoing issue. Don't waste your money, I assume Carlos just keeps taking home our money and does not care. :-(

Please update.

This was a great app but don't buy this 5 year old version. Essentially non-functional on 6+ iOS 8.2. I hope the developer wakes up.

Doesn't work on iPhone 6

This used to be a great app. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated, and it doesn't work on the iPhone 6. I don't know if the problem is with the iPhone 6 screen size or iOS 8, but it is not usable.

Not working with iOS 8.1.3

I have the paid version and it stopped working properly after updating my iOS. "Report a Problem” & Support page link takes you to the developer’s website, which has five words and no other content/links, etc. Disappointing. If your listening Carlos…. please update the app. It deserves 5 stars when working properly.

App Frozen

The meter works but nothing else does. Every button is frozen. I can't do what I need to. I want a refund.

Don’t Buy

Description is misleading. Does not work on iPhone 6. Use the free version only. I want my money back!

Not working

This app was great on my iPhone 5, it does not work on my iPhone 6. Too bad it "was" a great app. I just deleted it and downloaded a different app that supports iPhone 6.

Paid version is a rip!

While the app works in one mode, none of the buttons work on the paid version, same as the free version. I went to the website but it is not functional other than title page. I am using an iPhone 6 with IOS8.


Does not work. I'd like my money back!

Does not work, fake website to get help.

No buttons work on app. Got upgrade and was not worth it. Went to website listed on link in the App store and got a fake website. Apple should be more careful with these characters. Mr. Hernandez will reap what he sows, that is for sure.

Not for iOS 8

UI doesn't work at all on iOS 8/iPhone 5. I want my money back.

Not compatible with iOS 8

Just downloaded this app, none of the buttons will work. No updates in over 2 years.


One of the most beautiful apps I own. Used it most recently to continually check the slope on a sewer line I replaced (2% is ideal 1/4" per foot). Great app!

Great app for the professional!

I work in a busy outpatient physical therapy practice. This App allows quick and accurate joint measures without searching the clinic over for a goniometer.


Great tool! Use it to measure degree of slope. Highly recommend.


When I calibrated this App with our Engineering Standard at Work I was AMAZED how remarkably accurate it is. We have several Accelerometer Stations, which are calibrated monthly and certified with the Military Compliance Standards. Several of our Engineers were quite amused that an iPhone could track the Standard! 5 Stars Guys!


Ain't Bad for what it is. Best to use your levels but for an app not bad

Great App!

I love this app! I have tested it for accuracy multiple times and it alway passes with flying colors. I highly recommend it.

Phenomenal calibration

It's accurate enough to calibrate satellite antennas. That's some precision work there.


I keep everything straight with this. Easy to use.

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